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Skipping the Light Blingtastic

It’s now around 16 months since I arrived in this centre-of-all-things-shiny, which prompts reflection (ahem, sorry).

I remember a conversation with a good friend about style and personal taste, back when I landed here. We were discussing the merits of a particular fashion accessory which she liked and I said it was too blingy for me and explained that I preferred more understated, classic accoutrements. She said that she used to as well, but that Dubai encouraged one’s inner-bling fairy to express herself. I wholeheartedly denied this would happen and insisted I was a plain and simple girl (aesthetically-speaking, in any case).

This year’s Australia Day Ball was held in the Grand Hyatt’s Al Ameera ballroom. I walked in and remarked at how tastefully it was decorated. Then a little voice piped up inside my head and sarcastically reminded me that I’d appraised it quite differently when I was there the last time, for the Anzac Ball only nine months earlier. I had walked in and was blown away by its gaudiness, its glitz, the ornateness of its detail, the sheer number of crystals and carved wood features.

Had I been so over-exposed to Dubai’s bling, that in less than a year my tastes had changed so much?

I remember being disappointed when I arrived, at the lack of authenticity in architecture. Even in the historic Bastakiya area of Dubai the ‘traditional’ houses with their central wind-towers were only replicas. I made a conscious decision in those early weeks while walking around the Madinat Jumeirah retail and entertainment complex that I would have to stop rejecting ‘fake’ in search of ‘authentic’ because in this nation that only stopped being nomadic thirty-odd years ago, there is no architectural heritage. Instead I realised I’d simply have to learn to appreciate the quality inauthentic.

But back to my style metamorphosis. I pondered my wardrobe. Additions over the

Gold Baby Phat Stilettos

The Gold Baby Phat Stilettos

past few months have included no less than three sequined tops and two pairs of gold shoes (including the famed Baby Phat stilettos).I now own designer sunglasses for the first time in my life, and live in a very very nice apartment with 180 degree golf course views, a full gym and three swimming pools.

The real question is, will I be able to return to the simple life when I return to normal society? Or will it be as ridiculous as Paris and Nicole trying to do normal in The Simple Life?

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