Come Argue With Me!

I applied for Come Dine With Me Dubai this week. Rima didn’t know I had and suggested it separately on her Wall (great minds?). Her friend said that the number of crackpots in Dubai could fill a whole series, not just a couple of shows. Rima said she literally LOLed when I confirmed that I’d “talked up my difficult nature” in my application. For her, I lifted a few choice excerpts from my application form (do you agree?):

How would friends describe you? Bossy, stubborn, mischievous, a flirt.

From experience, what are people’s first impressions of you?

What are your best and worst characteristics?
I’ll assume these fit into either category: opinionated, bossy, talkative, enthusiastic, frank.

How competitive are you?
I’ve managed to forge a career in TV journalism…

How honest are you if you don’t like something?
Ha! I’m Australian. I’m known for my lack of tact.

Would you say you are an opinionated person?
See above.

How good are you with criticism/negative feedback?
Not always as good at receiving as I am dishing it out.

What things can irritate you when you go to someone else’s home for a meal?
I am not able to force down inedible food.

Wish me luck!

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