Licence to Drive (me to distraction)

One of the things I need the most is a local driver’s licence. You’ll have noticed me whinging a lot about taxi drivers if you’ve been reading my drivel avidly. So in order to hire a car I need a local licence. (NB. I wouldn’t have needed one if I’d hired one before I got my residency)

I went to the RTA office in Deira City Centre, near work and picked up the form. Passport, photocopy of passport, certificate from eye test, 2 x passport photo, letter of no objection (NOC) from employer, form signed and stamped by employer, together with one’s home licence. Too easy.

I return to the RTA with my neat bundle of papers and join the queue. A chuckle to myself as a man is turned away for not having a copy of his passport. I snigger when a woman is told she needs two photos, not one. I politely present my sheaf to the Emirati slouched behind the counter and he looks at each item.

He studies my licence, turns it over, turns t back again and asks where it is from. I tell him “The Northern Territory of Australia”. He says that he has seen many many licences, but never this one. I admit it is a small place but a territory – like an emirate – of Australia nonetheless.

He makes a call, rifles through lists in a cruddy plastic folder and tells me I need to go to a different office for this one, or come again another day between the hours of 10 and 3.

That was three days ago. I’ll work up the courage soon.

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  • Token  On 21 May, 2009 at 10:54

    You don’t have a NSW DL for emergencies? Blood traitor!!

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