NYE Cancelled

Well, it’s official. New Year’s Eve is cancelled in Dubai.

Great. My immediate angry thoughts were: I have been struggling to get my head around the dysfunctional way of life here since arriving early this month, banging on doors, going round in circles, being told black is white and then white is black and then neither exist… all in the expectation of letting my hair down tonight. Boo!

But on reading further, I worked out that NYE is not cancelled, but only public displays of joyousness at bringing in the New Year, as a gesture of support to the Palestinian people.

The general consensus is that this means there will be no fireworks, no live music and no outdoor public events but there is widespread confusion.

People are asking if indoor events are still going ahead, or if DJs constitute live music.

Most groups are planning a last-minute house party as a contingency, in
case their event does not go ahead. This is more effort than in most countries too, as takeaway alcohol is not readily purchased. Any non-Muslim resident can obtain a licence, but even so, there are no off-licence stores or bottle-shops like in Europe.

Liquor merchants generally don’t have signs, and it is very expensive I’m told.

Many people go for semi-regular grog runs into the neighbouring emirate Umm Al Quwain to a discount vendor called Barracuda. I’m guessing the traffic on that particular route will be worse than usual this afternoon.

So does this mean our ‘Diamonds Are Forever’ 007 Ball at the Al Murooj Hotel is on? Who knows? We’ll find out later I expect, seeing as we’ll be at the same person’s house as the DJ will be for drinks early this evening.

And he’ll have his decks with him, so if it is cancelled, we’ll just stay put and get the private gig!

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