Chilly thoughts

We’re just heading into dry season here in Darwin and I was so happy to wake up and find a chill in the air this morning. I was actually cold in my
typical housewear of singlet and shorts.

Going to London is still very much at front of mind, but unfortunately,
the arrangements are taking a very long time… Latest estimate is
another few months. We’ll miss summer!!! I’m going stir crazy in
Darwin. For the moment I’m still marking time. I’m completely detached so life it painfully dull whilst waiting for passport. I just can’t bear the idea of
reengaging with Hicksville though. I’d prefer not to accept I could be here
for a few months. Ugh.

Lovely place to visit but a cultural black hole and the weather just saps
you of enthusiasm for anything but a cold beer. I haven’t drunk so much
since first year uni.

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