Bolivia / Ecuador

We returned to Cuzco for one night before heading on a whistlestop tour to La Paz and then Puno. The floating islands were amazing. Then we flew to the north of Peru to start our overland journey and stayed in Montanita, Ecuador for two nights.

It was a very pretty, relaxed beach town and reminded me of our own Aussie surf culture, or that in Bali or the south of Thailand. Beautiful beaches have something in common the world over I guessing. We did have the minor inconvenience of having a few items stolen from our room while I was alone sleeping (and because of some weird circumstances cant work out if I might have been drugged with an aerosol spray that is common here apparently) but it all got sorted out…

We made it to Quito in one piece and Geoff flew home. Cameron and Maria have returned to work and I’m taking Spanish lessons going on day-trips (now the indigenous free-trade protesters have given up on their roadblocks because there’s no hope for them).

Banos is beautiful, the Rio Verde falls are amazing, la Mitad el Mundo is mostly hype, but the Inti-Nan sun museum has some cool experiments you can do only at the Equator like balancing an egg on a nail; and how can I forget being fed enormous pig-laden meals by Maria’s family.

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